The concept of Positive Youth Development takes a strength-based approach to development based on the assumption that all youth have the potential for positive developmental change. Our devotion towards the development of youth in business, sport and arts & culture, drove us to develop programmes with measurable positive outcomes, paying particular attention to long-term career building.

    We design all activities with the aim to intensify continuous youth participation to ensure skills mastery and comprehensive knowledge.


    The rate of unemployment in South Africa is influenced by a number of factors that entrepreneurship can curb. We strongly believe in establishment of successful businesses by the youth, as this can reduce a significant amount of youth unemployment. We are dedicated to support and partner with the youth with the aim to help them grow.

    We have a clear understanding of the basic requirements by business owners particularly in the townships to start, sustain and grow their businesses.

    One of ways we encourage and promote youth development through entrepreneurship is by setting up and assisting youth owned entities with shows aimed at providing exposure and leads for their business growth. These markets are a great platform for the youth to also engage on common issues affecting their overall well-being.

    We form meaningful partnerships with industry leaders to ensure that we deliver with excellence.

    Start-up companies have been struggling to grow in recent years, and one contributing factor is fees required by professional service providers to help them set foot in the market. Due to this, we occasionally group together services at discounted rates, to offer to companies that are just starting up. These include company registrations, domain registrations & hosting, corporate identity & web presence.

    For more information on our offer to start-up companies, please see our Services area.

    Business growth is guaranteed when the best strategies are implemented successfully, and partnerships with industry leaders also ensure we deliver exactly what we promise. We simply identify the problem, analyse it, recommend solutions and assist with implementations. Being a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem, we are well positioned to deliver world class solutions for customers who have been in business for any number of years.

    We are Founded and Directed by Khotso Thebehali.

About Us


We were founded initially to develop individuals into business owners to tackle issues of unemployment here at home. This was with a focus to increase the total entrepreneurial activity to create employment opportunities and to also stimulate the economy. Individuals may excel in their respective fields, but the development of entrepreneurship requires an understanding of the processes of planning, organizing, operating and assuming the risks of a business venture among others, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to assist our clients to manage all these processes and to ultimately grow their businesses. Our journey revealed additional challenges within our communities and businesses affecting the overall economic development, which directed our focus to also look at ways we could influence businesses to contribute towards the development of communities as well. The development of communities is key for business sustainability, so businesses in turn benefit from supporting and promoting community development initiatives. Our involvement on community development initiatives, has been through affiliations with non-profit organizations on initiatives particularly aimed at youth development.


Our mission is to contribute positively towards the economic development of South Africa through promotion and support of new business development by the youth, assisting existing businesses to achieve growth and also affiliating with non-profit organizations to help mitigate challenges within our communities.


To become a youth development leader in South Africa by 2025.



For any company to trade in South Africa, it must firstly be registered with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission. All earnings need to also be recorded with the South African Revenue Service for tax compliance. These are some of the requirements we assist new business owners with in making sure that their businesses are always compliant.

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On-&-Offline Marketing

Business growth becomes greatly challenged without a strong strategic marketing plan, and we believe a combination of both sophisticated online initiatives and traditional marketing methods to be a truly effective approach. There is a lot of evidence pointing to the value of strong strategic marketing plans in creating business growth and profitability.

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Accurate data is critical in making executive decisions for any business to always deliver the right products and services to their customers. We conduct our research directly from consumers to ensure that our findings are as accurate as possible, to identify not only the best short-term opportunities, but also new services and products that are needed today. These services include consumer research, sales & distribution and marketing & advertising.

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Management Consulting

Business growth is always guaranteed when the best strategies are implemented successfully, and partnerships with industry leaders ensure we deliver exactly what we promise. Being a partner in the SAP PartnerEdge open ecosystem, we are well positioned to deliver world class solutions to customers who have been in business for any number of years.

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