About Us

Thebehali Consulting was founded initially to develop individuals into business owners due to the alarming rate of unemployment in South Africa. This was with a focus to increase the total entrepreneurial activity to create employment opportunities and to also stimulate the economy. While individuals may excel in their respective fields, the development of entrepreneurship requires an understanding of the processes of planning, organizing, operating and assuming the risks of a business venture among others, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to assist our clients to manage all those processes to ultimately grow their businesses.We have since discovered challenges additionally, that lie within our communities and businesses affecting the overall economic development. These directed our focus to also look at ways we could influence businesses to contribute towards the development of communities as well. The development of communities is key for business sustainability, so businesses in turn benefit from supporting and promoting community development initiatives. To tackle challenges within our communities, we also affiliate with non-profit organizations on projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on communities.

We also aim to assist students in the townships primarily, to gain access and take part in initiatives related to their field of study. This is to ensure they gain hands-on experience to stand a better chance at finding employment after graduating. Most companies will only consider candidates with some experience at least, for employment, and this results to a very large number of unemployed graduates. We also welcome any partnerships to ensure we assist as many learners as possible. For more information, interested parties can contact us here

Thebehali Consulting was founded by Khotso Thebehali.


Our mission is to contribute positively towards the economic development of South Africa, through promotion and support of new business development, assisting existing businesses in achieving growth, and also affiliating with non-profit organizations to help mitigate challenges within our communities.


To become a business development leader in Gauteng by 2020.