These services were designed as a strategy to employ as many young people as possible, in a manner easy enough for them to deliver excellently. It was also important to ensure that they service areas close enough to home, to maximise on their income. This strategy also looked at the advantage the relationship between the youth and their parents bring, which are ultimately the customers we will be servicing throughout our offering.

Consumer Research

For companies to maintain a high quality of products and services they offer, they are often guided by their customer satisfaction position. These results identify which areas need improvement within their business. We work very closely with our clients to determine the best way to receive more meaningful feedback from their customers.

Marketing & Advertising

Direct mail has traditionally assured that messages do get delivered to their recipients, and our delivery team essentially being the recipients, also ensure that these messages are understood in their right context within homes. This also allows product samples to be delivered in an interactive way, to create actual leads.

Sales & Distribution

The process of selling involves bits of marketing and advertising, which require adequate knowledge about the products and services on offer. We therefore put a lot of effort on providing the team with extensive training, to ensure that potential customers have all the relevant information they need in order to make their decision. The relationship value between our team and the potential customers contributes a lot towards trust among all parties involved.