All around the world, sport has become a very effective way to encourage participation in social relations and cultural activities, enabling individuals to lead a healthy, satisfying and productive life. it provides a developmental context with positive outcomes when structured and delivered in a manner carefully designed and organized. We design all activities with the aim to intensify continuous youth participation to ensure skills mastery and comprehensive knowledge. We’ve partnered with TS Sedibe Foundation on an annual soccer tournament held in Soweto to provide the teams with continued technical, financial and general management support.


We took an advantage of the success we had, when we assisted TS Sedibe Foundation to launch their organization through a heritage day tournament. There, we identified the need to have this tournament annually, as we saw how it brought the community together affording a great opportunity to deal with other issues affecting the youth.


Upcoming Programmes

Sport participation alone does not produce positive outcomes. The developmental benefits are contingent on social contextual factors, which are based on how coaches, peers and parents contribute to ways in which sport is delivered and experienced. We’ve centred all activities around this principle by design, as most benefits of this programme stretch over a long-term period, to ensure a continued support in career development.